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Pre and Post Construction Clean-Up

Our services specializes in construction and remodeling cleanups. If you are a construction company or a building owner completing construction of a new building, or addition we can provide a complete cleaning for you once all work has been completed.
Our staff and can manage all those construction cleanup jobs for you on a customized plan tailored to fit your needs prior to utilizing the addition or opening the store to the public.


- Removal of debris from building*
- Clean and remove stickers from windows & mirrors
- Clean and polish entry handles, sills, and doorplates
- Dust and clean baseboards
- Paint removal from counters & flooring
- Debris removal from cabinets and closets
- Vacuum carpets
- Sweep, dust mop and damp mop floors
- Restroom cleaning
- Appliance labels removed and polished
- Sweep and remove debris form exterior*

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