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Check mark 23x20 02.svg1 FREE Month of cleaning services! 

 Check mark 23x20 02.svgAFS guarantees to cut your janitorial expenses by 10% 

Check mark 23x20 02.svgAFS provides quality cleaning services at a better rate! 

Check mark 23x20 02.svgAFS is Fully Bonded & Insured 

Check mark 23x20 02.svgOur main focus is our Clients & providing them with exceptional services

Check mark 23x20 02.svgWe provide services 24 hours a day and run 365 days of the year!

Check mark 23x20 02.svg24 Hour - on call Supervisors 

Check mark 23x20 02.svgAFS takes full security measures to protect your facility, and complies with all applicable Government Regulations

Check mark 23x20 02.svgEnvironmentally Friendly Chemicals & proper equipment, along with qualified personnel to achieve and maintain the most cost- effective standards.  

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